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Zoroastrianism - festivals and celebrations

Dates for your 2006 calendar

20 No-Ruz No-Ruz
This is the Zoroastrian New Year’s Day and marks the start of spring. King Jamshid began this celebration.  People celebrate by wearing new clothes, exchanging presents and having parties.

29 Zartusht-no-Diso
This is a day to remember the death of the Prophet Zarathustra.  His teachings formed Zoroastrian beliefs.

20 No Ruz
This is New Year’s Day on the Shehanshahi calendar, which marks the start of spring. Zorostrians celebrate by wearing new clothes.

25 Khordad Sal
The festival Zad Rooz-e Ashoo Zartosht is to remember the birthday of Prophet Zarathustra.


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